Mobilize voters in key swing states, 100 postcards at a time.

Because of you, over 1,000,000 young voters in key swing states will receive a postcard

Now, we are asking you to take action with us again and join our Victory Squad.

We know that time is limited for all of us right now. Some of us are juggling online school or caring for family members. Others are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. But in every city and town across the country, we’re looking from the orange skies in the west to the evictions happening on our block and realizing we can’t afford to sit this one out.

That’s why we’re making a small ask of everyone who wants to take action to make their voices heard – two hours a week, from now until the election. That’s it. If you have more, you can give more, but what matters is that you show up.

We know that if everyone who read this took two hours they’d usually spent watching TV or scrolling on social media and spent them with our movement – having genuine conversations with voters and building relationships with each other and getting our communities out to vote– we’d crush our goals for this election and be ready to leverage all the power we’ve just built as our new representatives take office.

Alone, you can make some phone calls and text your friends. With a squad, you can help deliver the margin of victory.

Join us for the next 7 weeks as we make history!