Mobilize voters in key swing states, 100 postcards at a time.


What comes with my order?

Each order comes with:

  • 100 postcards 
  • 100 stamps 
  • A script (sent via email)
  • A list of voters to address the postcards to (sent via email)
  • A Google Sheet to keep track of the postcards you have written and sent (sent via email)

If you ordered your postcards the week of September 7th, you will receive your email with your script, list of voters, and tracking spreadsheet the week of September 21st. 

How many postcards come with each order? Is there a limit to how many postcards I can order?

One order equals 100 postcards. Given the huge response from our community, the maximum number of orders per person is now 5 orders (or 500 postcards). If you would like to order more than 500 postcards, please email [email protected] 

I would like to cover the costs of my postcard order. What is the true cost of each order?

Thank you so much for your generous offer! When requesting your postcards, you can use the benchmark that one order of 100 postcards costs $42.00. This includes stamps, printing, shipping, art labor, data labor, etc.

If you’re able, could you donate $21, $42, or $84 so we can send out more free postcard packs? Or, give what you can – any amount helps us offset the cost and send more postcards!

When will I get my postcards?

We ask that you be patient while our union printers work hard to print and then ship your postcards. 

  • If you ordered your postcards by September 10th, your postcards will start shipping on September 21st
  • If you ordered your postcards after September 10th, your postcards will ship by October 1st.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us at [email protected] 

I'm outside the US. Can I order postcards?

Unfortunately we can't process international orders but we love your enthusiaism. Please check out our Victory Squad for other ways to get involved!

Do we need to include return addresses on the postcards?


Who are we sending postcards to?

Your postcards will reach young voters in six key swing states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado.

When should I mail them? 

Given all the delays with postal service, we recommend that you write and mail your postcards as soon as you receive them. You should aim to mail your postcards October 16th at the latest. 

Will I get a script to write the postcards? 

Yes! We will send you a script to use on every postcard. The script we wrote uses the most up-to-date  research on mobilizing young voters to vote. Research shows that light “social pressure” can be one of the most effective strategies for mobilizing voters. If you have any questions about the script, please email [email protected] 

Can I customize the script?

We’ve included a place for you to write about why you are writing postcards and why this election matters to you. But please make sure to include the postscript (The “P.S.”), keep the overall message brief, and include a note about the QR code printed on the postcard. The “P.S.” includes light social pressure because studies have shown that it works! Voters who receive mailers using language that reminds them that the voter record is public or that we might follow up with them to see how voting went, they are more likely to vote than a control group.

Is there anything different with the postcards that have both Spanish and English text?

Yes! We’ve developed a specific “Spanglish” script to use with the “Know Your Power // Conoce Tu Fuerza” and “Organize. Vote. Strike. // Organízate. Vota. Haz Huelga” postcards. You will receive the script in the same email as the list of voters we need you to mobilize. These postcards will be mailed to voters who are likely to speak Spanish but the data isn’t good enough to know that they definitely speak Spanish, which is why we need to include English and Spanish.

I finished writing my postcards!  What next?

Congratulations! We are so excited. Ensure you write out the voters’ names and addresses on the back of the card, place a stamp on each postcard, and directly mail these postcards yourselves. You will receive an email from [email protected] to a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of the postcards you have written and sent.

When you have mailed your postcards, don’t forget to check off that you have sent your postcards in your spreadsheet! This is really important for us to keep track of the program’s progress.

I still have a question.

Please email [email protected] for all questions regarding your order and the Sunrise postcard program.